June 12th 2016 (Chiang Mai)

Mango delights from the garden….a rather wet garden!

20160609_185057 20160611_085436 20160611_085517 20160611_094647

20160609_123542_HDR 20160609_123644_HDR

Another previously unnoticed temple!

The office parking lot – a bit different from the UK!

20160609_134517 20160610_110111 20160610_105920 20160610_111103

Market comings and goings……

IMG_4560 IMG_4561

This cat just loved his foot massage 🙂

IMG_4563 IMG_4565

IMG_4566 IMG_4564

Smashing new restaurant discovery near Airport Plaza!

When it rains here you get a rainbow….of coloured ponchos!
Hmmmm….no thanks!!!

20160611_135413 20160611_143822 20160611_143841 20160611_144101 20160611_144502 20160611_154748 20160611_160121

Excitement at the mall……I think this is a Thailand’s Got Talent audition!


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